From the heart of the Rosh Kollel

As we enter the second year of the reconstituted Kollel, with its ranks at long last filled, I would like to offer our partners throughout the community a glimpse of the forces that drive us, and some insight into our approach towards fulfilling our motto, “inspiration through education.”
Our community is blessed with a team of remarkable scholars. Their intense devotion to Torah study, meticulousness in performance of mitzvos, and exceptionally refined character, belie their ability to engage, connect with, and inspire Jews of every stripe. As I see it, it is specifically their sterling qualities that contribute to their success. What greater ambassador could there be than one who embodies that which he seeks to transmit? What greater instruction is there than personal example? What could possibly make a more profound impression than genuine, deep-seated passion for Judaism. I believe that the neshama of every Jew is thirstily searching. Only the revitalizing waters of the Torah can provide the satisfaction it seeks. The beauty and truth of the Torah resonates innately within every Jew.
It is that same appreciation of the centrality of Torah in our lives that has inspired the Kollel Rabbis to devote their lives to sharing that gift with others. They view having had the privilege to spend many years in yeshiva, studying under great Torah scholars, as a responsibility as well. The result is a near super-human dedication to their holy charge. They balance their own extensive learning schedule with opportunities for teaching and mentoring, filling time that hardly exists to study with all that seek inspiration. With chavrusos before shacharis, Sunday mornings, during their lunch break, at night in shul, later at night in yeshiva, and Shabbos afternoon, they still have the presence to plan and prepare for classes and programs to further enrich the Norfolk Jewish community.
At their sides stand their remarkable wives who juggle young families, challenging jobs, hosting countless guests for Shabbos meals, while participating heroically in community chessed projects and supporting our other vital institutions, all with very little help from their busy husbands. Only with pure Yiras Shamayim and love for their fellow jews flowing through their veins, are they able to maintain this frenetic lifestyle.
Our community certainly has much to be proud of, and our Kollel is an important part of that. A Kollel and the community it serves can be likened to a shidduch. The beauty of this match becomes apparent when you note the truly extraordinary yearning for growth amongst the members of this community. Thus, we find ourselves consistently inspired by our friends and neighbors and hope that the same is true in return.
Our heartfelt tefilla is that our community can continue to thrive vibrantly, growing in Torah and fear of Heaven, and that the Kollel should have the Divine Assistance to play its role in that process. We look forward to working together as a team and as a family to shine the light of the Torah into the darkest of corners, and to bring honor to Hashem’s name.