November 12, 2015

About Us

THE NORFOLK KOLLEL consists of a dedicated group of five talented Torah scholars who reside in Norfolk, VA.

THE KOLLEL at its heart is a Rabbinic Fellowship. It provides a program of intense Torah study that affords its Rabbinic members the opportunity to develop into accomplished Torah scholars and leaders, right here in the heart of Tidewater.

THE TORAH NUCLEUS OF TIDEWATER. This Rabbinic Fellowship effectively creates a strong Torah nucleus which is essential for Jewish continuity.. The Kollel members are empowered and driven to share their knowledge with people of all ages, thereby creating a vibrant and energetic Torah community. The Kollel fosters a caring and inspirational environment for adults and children alike to grow in their Judaism.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMING. The Kollel seeks to offer opportunities for anyone looking for the meaning and direction the Torah provides us. To that end, we conduct regular classes, special events, and one-on-one or small group study discussions on whatever topics you wish to better understand. We encourage you to participate in our programs and to let us know what The Norfolk Kollel can do for you.

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