March 23, 2017

Cyber-Security Program

THE NORFOLK KOLLEL has partnered with ECPI University (a highly-rated, regional technical college) to provide Yungerleit a path towards an אומנות קלה ונקיה, while maintaining a framework for continued עליה רוחנית.

PARTICIPANTS will learn one seder with the Kollel while pursuing their degree. ECPI has arranged a program to earn a Bachelor’s in Cyber Security in 18 months (as opposed to the regular 30 months required). They have also committed to significant financial assistance/scholarships.

DURING that period, participants will receive a stipend. Additionally, they will not be required to pay tuition to the day-school for their first two years. Most couples will require the wife to earn an income. The community has been very successful to date in helping the wives of Yungerleit find suitable part-time employment.

UPON completion of the degree, ECPI has offered, through their ongoing relationships with local employers, to facilitate the gainful employment of the participants. Due, in part, to the massive local military presence, Norfolk/Virginia Beach is an area with a significant concentration of employment opportunities in the field.

PARTICIPANTS commit to remain in town for two years after completing their degrees. As “graduates” of the Kollel, they will be firmly established as role-models within the community. They can continue to participate in giving Kollel classes and running Kollel programming. Participants can be both “Klei Kodesh” and “Baalei Batim” at the same time.

AT THE END of those two years, it is our hope that they will be well established and appreciate the special חן of our community and choose to remain in Norfolk.


To build a vibrant Torah community with the spiritual and financial means to sustain its institutions for the future.

An individual seeking to acquire a source of parnassa while remaining immersed in their learning
Driven to contribute to a growing Jewish community
Young (age mid-20’s to mid-30’s), small family
Understands the community and its lifestyle
In a financial and family position to commit to the expectations of the project

Stipend provided for a year and a half
Participants will commit to remain within the community for an additional two years
Assistance will provided in finding employment for wives of Yungerleit as well as the Yungerleit themselves upon completing the program
Assistance will be provided in finding housing for Yungerleit

Full Afternoon Seder with The Kollel

The Avreichim will join the other members of The Kollel in their learning second seder.

Enrollment in ECPI’s Cyber Security program
Avreichim will attend classes at ECPI University towards receiving a Bachelors in Cyber Security at the end of a year and a half. After graduating, they will begin employment in the field. Both ECPI and members of the Jewish community will assist in finding employment opportunities.

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